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PARENTING PREPAREDNESS CLASSES – contact us to schedule your first appointment!

Attend classes at Life’s Choices and earn Diapers and Baby Items each time you attend.

Attend 20 classes and earn a brand new Crib or Car Seat!

This curriculum of over 50 lessons covers topics relating to each trimester of pregnancy; fetal development; infant care and bonding; and health and safety for both mom and baby.

Lessons are one-on-one with a client service representative and last approximately one hour.

Lesson Topics Include:

  • Prenatal Care
  • Eating for Two
  • Going It Alone (Single Parenting)
  • Your Developing Baby
  • Smoking
  • Ultrasound – Window to the Womb
  • What’s Safe, What Isn’t?
  • Bonding With Your Unborn Baby
  • Your Changing Body
  • Understanding Your Baby’s Cry (Part 1)
  • Understanding Your Baby’s Cry (Part 2)
  • Reducing the Risks of SIDS
  • Getting Ready for Baby
  • Eye Contact Means Love
  • Infant Temperament
  • The Importance of Bonding
  • Infant Massage
  • Newborn Care
  • Bathing and Sleeping
  • Caring for Yourself
  • Parent/Child Relationship
  • Safe From the Start
  • Parenting With Respect
  • Quality Child Care
  • Talk, Play, Music & Reading
  • First Aid – Accidents
  • First Aid – Illnesses
  • Car Seat Safety
  • Your Baby Can Sleep
  • Discipline – Teaching Limits
  • Food for Growth
  • Looking at Adoption
  • Your Baby’s Development
  • Preventing Child Sexual Abuse
  • Shaken Baby Syndrome
  • Postpartum, From Pregnant to Parent
  • Your Healthy Baby
  • Ready to Learn
  • Happiest Baby on the Block
  • Toilet Training
  • Goals and Benefits of Breast Feeding
  • Techniques & A Good Latch
  • Getting Enough Milk
  • Growth Spurts & Essentials
  • Returning to Work


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