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loving your partner

Relationships can be difficult, but with a little nurture and love, they can be wonderful! That’s why here at Life’s Choices, we are passionate about providing resources and support to help you invest in your relationship. Valentine’s Day is approaching next week, and while you should love your partner all year round, we’re sharing a few practical tips in honor…

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christmas recipes

The Life’s Choices team loves the Christmas season! From joyful jingles to seasonal Berks County, Pennsylvania activities, it’s lots of fun. One of our favorite parts of the holidays are all the tasty treats! Here are a few of our favorite Christmas recipes for you to try with your loved ones — enjoy! PECAN DELIGHTS From Katie Bailey, Director of…

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When I had an infant and a toddler, we moved to the mountains and were a good hour away from most of our family (with some members, a full day’s drive away). When our first Christmas away from family rolled around, we found ourselves facing new choices about how best to survive Christmas. If you are wondering how to manage…

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