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THRIVE is Life’s Choices’ unique education program, which is provided to middle and high schools in our area. Our presenters are certified in Sexual Risk Avoidance and our programs, including large-group presentations and discussion-based classroom lessons, are offered free of charge.

What teachers say:

“Students find it stressful to ask their parents about this topic and sometimes resort to finding their own answers through friends or the internet which obviously can’t always be trusted. Therefore, with this opportunity, you know that students will be getting factual information provided by Life’s Choices.”

“The information presented was very relevant for teens today and for some, was an eye opener. It was presented in an appropriate manner and it was well received by our students. “


Our public-school presentations utilize a variety of curriculum including Relationships Under Construction (RUC) and the Diamond StandardCONTACT US for more information or to schedule a presentation in your school.

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