THRIVE: Targeting Heathy Relationships,sexual health curriculum Integrity and Value Education

THRIVE is Life’s Choices’ unique education program, which is provided to middle and high schools in the Berks County area. This curriculum is a medically accurate, age appropriate and evidence based sexual health education program for students.

Our presenters are certified in Sexual Risk Avoidance, and our programs (including group presentations, discussion-based classroom lessons, and now online programs) are offered free of charge.

Educating Students On:

Healthy Relationships

Teen Dating Violence

– Sexual risk avoidance and optimal health
– CDC youth risk behavior statistics
– Whole person health
– Healthy relationship skills
– Pregnancy & STD/STI facts
– Emotional impact of teen sex
– Goal setting & decision making
– Communication styles
– Conflict resolution
– Refusal Skills
– Types of abuse
– Pornography: statistics & your brain
– Real vs. false relationships
– Tactics of an abuser
– Age of consent laws
– 40 developmental assets for teens
– Relationship Spectrum Quiz

What Local Public School Teachers are Saying:

“Students find it stressful to ask their parents about this topic and sometimes resort to finding their own answers through friends or the internet which obviously can’t always be trusted. Therefore, with this opportunity, you know that students will be getting factual information provided by Life’s Choices.”

“The information presented was very relevant for teens today and for some, was an eye opener. It was presented in an appropriate manner, and it was well received by our students.”

“I highly recommend that schools utilize the school programs that Life’s Choices offers. The content is relevant; the stats are up-to-date. The staff is not only knowledgeable, but also very comfortable working with teens. The programs Life’s Choices offers are a great supplement to our current curriculum and reinforce what we are teaching. We have been using Life’s Choices for years and will definitely continue utilizing their services.”

“They provide a non-intimidating and fun atmosphere that the students really enjoy. This is not just another lesson; it’s a lesson that students talk about and look forward to. Many students have admitted that it’s difficult to discuss this topic with their parents or guardians and this lesson really teaches them some valuable information that will help them in the present and in the future. I can tell that the instructors from Hamburg Life’s Choices are committed to their work and love their job.”

Our public school presentations utilize a variety of curriculum including Relationships Under Construction (RUC) and the Diamond StandardContact us today for more information or to schedule a presentation in your school.

Frequently Asked Questions:

  1. Life’s Choices is a faith-based organization. How will this impact education in public schools?

    While we are a faith based organization, our presentations adhere to an unbiased approach. We encourage discussion from all viewpoints and receive overwhelmingly positive exit surveys from students and teachers alike. Every student needs to make their own choices which we strongly support. We encourage them to talk to their parents or other trusted adult after our presentation.

  2. What is Sexual Risk Avoidance (SRA) Education?

    Sexual Risk Avoidance education employs a holistic approach to sex and relationships while focusing on the well-being of the whole person. Youth need skills to identify healthy vs. unhealthy relationships and a broader understanding of how sexuality fits into relationship formation.

    Our presenters are certified SRA instructors and pursue continued education to increase knowledge on teen risk behavior. SRA is a science-based sex-education approach based on a recognized public health model known as “risk avoidance” or “primary prevention.” It is an appropriate & beneficial way to address the risk of teen sex and seeks to help individuals eliminate all risk as opposed to simply reducing risk. The discussions in the classroom empower teens to make healthy decisions regarding sexual activity.

  3. Is avoiding sexual activity a realistic approach for teens?

    Avoiding sexual activity is not only a healthy choice for teens, it is a possible one. According to the Center for Disease Control’s Youth Risk Behavior Survey, less than 40% of high school students are actually having sex. 

    Discussing how to eliminate risks encourages youth that healthy choices are achievable to reach optimal health outcomes. We are committed to a discussion with teens regarding their sexual choices and the impact those choices can have on health and future life success.

  4. Where do you get your statistics?

    We use the most current statistics we can find from reputable sites like the CDC in all our presentations. For example, it is clearly stated on the CDC’s STD fact sheets that the only 100% reliable way to avoid contracting an STD is to not have any form of sexual contact. This is one of many statistics young people need to know before engaging in sexual activity.

  5. Is SRA education relevant to sexually active, LGBTQ teens?

    Absolutely. Building skills and receiving positive empowerment for healthier choices is important for all teens, regardless of orientation or sexual experience. In a recent CDC report, sexual minority youth have a higher prevalence of a variety of health risk behaviors.

All youth deserve information and skills to achieve healthy relationships and optimal sexual health.

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