Life’s Choices takes your health and the health of our staff seriously and we are taking every precaution to avoid the spread of COVID-19. We continue to offer services, however we are doing as much as we can remotely, without clients coming to the office. We continue to offer:

  • Free take-home pregnancy test – contact us to arrange a curbside pickup. We will follow up with a phone consultation to provide further assistance.
  • Online pregnancy or parenting classes – we are able to offer classes remotely. Our representative will arrange a phone or video appointment.
  • Material assistance – If you are in need of diapers, wipes or an emergency supply of baby items contact us for a curbside pickup.
  • Ultrasound – We are able to provide a free ultrasound to qualifying individuals. Contact our office to discuss your situation. We follow all CDC recommendations when scheduling a client visit inside our center.
  • STD Testing – Our Kutztown office is now back to offering STD/STI testing (by appointment only). Please contact us to set up your appointment.


Our goal at Life’s Choices is to provide information and support to our client’s particular situation. We care about are clients and are here to help.

Please feel free to call or message us at any time with concerns you have, and rest assured that our prayers are with our community as we look for the light at the end of the tunnel and a better handle on this illness nationwide.


While we may not be doing face to face classes for the time being, we still offer our diverse curriculum via online learning for each of our clients.  This is a great way to brush up on skills or learn something new. Our video lessons contain accurate & documented content along with compelling and relatable information. Each video lesson includes a fact sheet, a worksheet, and occasional homework that would be sent via a link to you. Our staff would schedule a time to have a follow up discussion by video or phone conference to discuss the lesson and answer any questions you may have. Let us explain briefly some of what we have available here at Life’s Choices.

Pregnancy & Parenting Packs

For the pregnant client we have our Pregnancy Pack that has over 40 lessons that touch on things like fetal development, what is safe in pregnancy, infant temperament and emotions during pregnancy just to name a few.  It also includes 10 labor and breastfeeding classes as well.

The first year of your child’s life will be filled with a lot of unexpected obstacles. We are here to help you become prepared for many of the things you might face. Our First Year Pack includes infant nutrition, immunizations, car seat safety and quality childcare plus 15 more. 

Those toddler years can be quite exhausting as your child gains independence though his newly gained walking skills. Keeping one step ahead of him is always a good plan. To help with that we have our Toddler Pack has 20 videos that cover whining potty training, toddler safety and nutrition and many more.

Developing the skills needed to become successful during life’s challenges are important. This is where our Parenting Pack comes in. It dives into issues such as ADD/ADHD, Single parenting during deployment, strong willed children and autism. It looks at how to create honorable traits such as Kindness, courage, honesty and more. And if behavior is an issue, we even have 6 lessons talking about how to have a new kid by Friday.

Other Packs & Classes

Many skills needed to become a successful adult are not taught in schools and may never have been modeled to us. Equipping yourself with these skills can be essential in tackling many of the pressures of being an adult. Our Life Skills Pack contains lessons on anger management, debt, budgeting, buying a car and depression and suicide among many others.

Fatherhood is important. Becoming the best Dad you can be is the goal of our Fatherhood Pack. Lessons include such topics as practical ways to handle discipline, becoming a leader, and the importance of role models.  This pack is growing as our resources are constantly expanding.

We also have a variety of lessons on healthy relationships, pregnancy options, sexual health concerns, healing from abortion, domestic violence, pregnancy loss and sexual abuse. We also offer a large variety of literature that can be sent digitally as well as material assistance and information of local food banks and government programs.