Finding Post-Abortive Support

Finding Post-Abortive Support

As a community clinic dedicated to reproductive health, Life’s Choices understands the very real need for finding post-abortive support. Many women who have had an abortion experience negative emotional effects that can be difficult to overcome. For several years, Life’s Choices has offered Surrendering the Secret as a post-abortive support group and Bible study for women. In this article, the group’s two instructors give their thoughts about the program and post-abortive healing.

For women who are curious about this incredible resource, we asked Marie Perry, one of our Surrendering the Secret instructors a few questions about her experience leading the program. Read Marie’s thoughts about finding post-abortive support through Surrendering the Secret.

1. What is Surrendering the Secret?

“A healing bible study to work through the regret and shame of a past abortion through the love and forgiveness of Jesus.”

2. Why do you recommend this program to post-abortive women?

“Most times, we bury our abortions deep down inside of us… maybe we don’t even realize how much it affects us, but it does affect us in more ways than we know. If you have abortion in your past, you really do need this study because you can’t heal without it!”

3. How have you personally been impacted by leading this program?

“For starters, I was blessed to co-lead with a wonderful woman (Katie) who, although I’ve known for years, I was able to see a truly loving and beautiful and compassionate side of her that I began to appreciate in so many ways.  I was impacted by the love and grace she gives to those who come through the class for healing, as well as the grace she shows me as I try to minister in the same way but through my personal experience with abortion and finding Jesus.  She is a beautiful example of Christ, and I am thankful to lead alongside her.  

I’ve also been impacted by leading when I experience watching someone receive and understand the forgiveness and rest that they can only find in Jesus after time of carrying the burden of abortion. It’s truly amazing to see someone find that freedom in Christ, be able to forgive herself, and to shed that weight and be redeemed, right in front of my eyes!”

4. What does a typical evening look like?

“We welcome and greet each other, and share our highs and lows for the past week.  If there’s any topics from lesson the week before, we discuss them.  Then we watch a video session of the study.  Each session follows 7 women and the author of the study, Pat Layton, as they share their stories and their struggles as they worked through the study themselves.  You really feel as though you know these women, as if you were right there in the study with them, feeling endeared to them. Afterwards, we go through some of the questions in the book for that session.  We pray whenever it’s needed, and our friendships grow while our hearts are healed!

5. What can a woman expect from the program?

“She can expect to feel free from the shame and regret that she may have been carrying for the loss of her child. She will learn that Jesus was there, in every awful moment of it, and He still is right here beside her. She will learn that God’s forgiveness is bigger than anything she will ever know.  She will learn that she can forgive herself, because Jesus already gave his life for her. She will learn that God chose the women who are leading the class just for her, to be alongside her, to comfort her in the pain and to celebrate her in the healing!”

6. If a woman is anxious about signing up, what would you say to her?

“Just take the first step. It won’t be easy, but every step gets easier and you’re not alone.  But most importantly, it will be worth it, and you’ll wish you would have done it sooner (although God’s timing is ALWAYS the right time!)”

Here at Life’s Choices, we know that abortion can leave emotional wounds in a woman’s heart. Living with pain like that can be very exhausting, and we want to help. Marie’s genuine and meaningful words show her heart for post-abortive women, which matches our heart as well. We are blessed to work with her as we offer Surrendering the Secret as a free resource.

Surrendering the Secret is held at various times throughout the year by Katie Bailey and Marie Perry. Katie is the Patient Services Director at Life’s Choices and Marie is a faithful supporter of our organization. We are happy to announce that our next offering of this study will begin on Monday, September 25th, 2023.

If you or someone you know is interested in finding post-abortive support, please consider this free resource! More details are available upon request. Email Katie at or contact our Kutztown office today!

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