Free Services

At Life’s Choices we offer a wide range of free and confidential services in support of women, men and families. Here are a few of our resources:

Pregnancy Tests

If you suspect you’re pregnant, we want to be the place you turn to as you consider your next steps.


Confirm a viable pregnancy and measure gestational age with a limited obstetrical ultrasound. Ultrasounds are free and no insurance is necessary.

STI/STD Testing & Treatment

If you think you may have been exposed to an STI or STD, contact us today for confidential testing.

Pregnancy and Childbirth Classes

Prepare for your bundle of joy with Life’s Choices “BABY BUNDLE” Parenting Prep Program.

Parenting and Life Skills Classes

If you’re facing challenges in parenting, relationships, or other life circumstances, you don’t need to face them alone. We’re here to help.

Pregnancy Loss Support

Our pregnancy loss support group offers a safe place to talk with other women who understand.

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