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“I just needed someone to tell me I’m doing a good job.”  -Mom of two young children, after completing the 1-2-3 Magic Class

Let’s face it, life is hard. We all need a little coaching at times whether it’s in our parenting, our relationships or other areas of life.

Life’s Choices offers classes based on your needs and your schedule to better equip you to handle the things life brings your way. Classes are one-on-one with your personal coach and typically last one hour.

Topics include:

One of our most popular classes is:

1-2-3 Magic
Based on the acclaimed book by Dr. Thomas Phelan.

Most parents say they want kids who:

Life’s Choice’s 1-2-3 Magic Parenting Class will help you achieve both things. Through the principles found in 1-2-3 Magic, you will learn how to parent in a way that:

Life’s Choices offers:
5 one-hour sessions on stopping bad behavior
5 one-hour sessions on starting good behavior

Learn more about 1-2-3 Magic here.

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