Ultrasounds. Free. Informative. Essential.

We offer FREE confirmation ultrasounds to women who may need to confirm a pregnancy.

Why Schedule an Ultrasound?



An ultrasound can determine if a pregnancy is ectopic, which is essential to know before scheduling an abortion.

Ectopic pregnancies must be detected and treated correctly, or the mother may experience potentially harmful effects.

The abortion pill will not remove an ectopic pregnancy. 


An ultrasound will be able to tell you valuable information that will be needed no matter what route you choose for your pregnancy. 

Before going through with an abortion or deciding to carry the pregnancy, you will need the information that an ultrasound will provide. 

Ultrasounds Help You:

  • Detect fetal heartbeat
  • Determine gestational age
  • Determine a viable uterine pregnancy

Prioritize Your Health Today.

Your ultrasound will be reviewed by our medical director. A licensed medical professional will be available to discuss your results and evaluate options with you, if so desired.