Stress Relief During Pregnancy

Stress Relief During Pregnancy

Stress is a part of everyday life, but stress, COVID-19 and pregnancy together can feel overwhelming. Protecting your physical and mental health are vital during pregnancy, but it’s also important to protect your baby from stress. Chronic stress can have an affect on your developing baby so taking extra precautions to slow down and be in the moment are essential for a new mom. 

Some common causes of stress during pregnancy include:

  • Fear of pregnancy loss
  • Fear of labor & delivery
  • Uncomfortable physical changes like nausea, tiredness and mood swings
  • Financial stress
  • Fear of taking care of the baby

Consider a few of these options to help lower stress levels:

  1. Concentrate on your breathing
    Sit or lie down, close your eyes and take at least five deep breaths. Try to relax and let the stress go.
  2. Stretch
    Who doesn’t love a good stretch? Stretch your neck, back, arms, and legs at various points during the day to alleviate tight muscles.
  3. Get plenty of rest
    It’s a lot of work growing a new human so take advantage of every nap you can get!
  4. Get a massage
    Pregnant women deserve extra pampering so make an appointment for yourself today!
  5. Sip on herbal tea
    Not all tea is equal, so be sure to research to find the best ones for pregnant women. Here’s a site you can check out.
  6. Call a friend
    Whether it’s another new mama or a mama of many years, talking out thoughts and feelings help us to feel connected and less alone.
  7. Ask for help
    Create a network of supportive people who can help clean, cook meals and be available to lend a helping hand at a moments notice.
  8. Eat healthy
    Consider every bite you take in as one that will serve you and your baby’s overall health and well-being.
  9. Listen to music
    Listening to as little as 30 minutes of music can decrease cortisol which is your body’s main stress hormone.
  10. Laugh
    Laughter is good medicine for every day!  Watch a funny movie, tell funny stories and let the stress melt away.

If you are looking for more resources on stress relief during pregnancy, we’ve included a few links below. We’re here to offer help and hope throughout your pregnancy and beyond, so please reach out to us if we can support you in any way! 

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