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friend facing unplanned pregnancy

GUEST BLOG: Align Pregnancy Center When a close friend tells you they have accidentally become pregnant, you may want to offer them support, but you may not know exactly what that support should entail. After all, learning that you’re pregnant can be extremely overwhelming; what can you say to comfort someone in that situation?  Ultimately, the most important thing you…

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baby bundle

Whether a pregnancy was planned or not, many of our clients report feelings ranging from excitement to fear, from readiness to worry. Some are concerned about maintaining a healthy pregnancy while juggling other responsibilities. Others are unsure what kind of mother they will be. Some can’t quite picture how life will look when a new baby is added to the mix.…

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At Life’s Choices, we provide a variety of free pregnancy and family resources for the Berks County, Pennsylvania community and beyond. Our mission is to offer non-judgmental, confidential care to women and families, and thanks to the support of our partners and volunteers, we’re able to do just that! Whether you’re seeking prenatal care or looking for ways to foster…

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