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post roe v wade

Life’s Choices has been watching with anticipation, along with the rest of our nation, to see what decision would be coming from the Supreme Court as it relates to abortion laws. Today marks that day. Our organization does not get involved in political activism or attempting to influence legislation, as is clearly stated in our bylaws. However, we do keep…

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summer of light campaign

Our son was a new dad for less than 24 hours when he sent me this text message: “Mom,” he wrote, “I don’t think I ever thanked you for what you went through to bring me into this world.” Witnessing the birth of his daughter gave him new appreciation for the strength of a woman and the miracle of life.…

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preparing for a post roe world

These are historic times as the Supreme Court will soon make a decision that could reverse Roe v. Wade. Should this happen, it would not make abortion illegal, but turns abortion laws back to the states to decide. Life’s Choices intentionally does not get involved in political activism. However we keep close watch on current events so that we always…

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in person pregnancy services

“I wanted to be with someone when I took the test.” Scared and alone, a young woman explained why she came to our office for a pregnancy test instead of taking one at home. She wanted to be in the comforting presence of another person to help her face whatever was ahead. As if a pregnancy test isn’t scary enough,…

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