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christmas recipes

The Life’s Choices team loves the Christmas season! From joyful jingles to seasonal Berks County, Pennsylvania activities, it’s lots of fun. One of our favorite parts of the holidays are all the tasty treats! Here are a few of our favorite Christmas recipes for you to try with your loved ones — enjoy! PECAN DELIGHTS From Katie Bailey, Director of…

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COVID Christmas stress

One of my favorite fun holiday movies is Chevy Chase’s Christmas Vacation. I don’t like to admit it, but I’m a lot like his character, Clark Griswold. I want more than anything to have a perfect Christmas with my loved ones, but no matter how I try to orchestrate it, things always run amuck. Can you relate? Between hosting meals…

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Christmas on a budget

There’s nothing like the holidays. We gather with far-flung family and friends, sample indulgent treats and sing seasonal songs. And then there are the presents. It’s certainly fun getting a well-chosen gift, but even better — watching a loved-one’s face as they open your gift to them.  However, things that we enjoy can also lead to excess. And just like…

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budget-friendly fall fun ideas

When my children were in elementary school, our finances were tight but our need for fun family outings was high. We came up with the concept of “Fun Fridays” with a simple premise: if kids and parents did a good job meeting their responsibilities during the week, we would set aside several hours plus a modest budget to do something…

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