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A newborn cry announces the arrival of a new life into the world this side of the uterus. For nine months, the baby has been nestled in the safety of his or her mother’s womb, now to be delivered into the security of his or her mother’s arms. Postpartum, also known as the “fourth trimester,” is sometimes a part of…

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third trimester

If you’ve been following along over the past several weeks, we’ve been sharing what to expect in each stage of the pregnancy journey. For both your body and your baby’s body, so much happens from the first trimester through labor and delivery (and into postpartum)! Today, we’re breaking down the pregnancy journey in the third trimester, from mom’s symptoms to…

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second trimester

Although the waters may have been rough during the first trimester, many will find sailing through the second trimester to be a calm and peaceful journey. This is partially due to the slowing down of the rapidly changing river of hormones and changes to a woman’s body. But don’t be fooled, there is still an amazing journey taking place for…

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