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miscarriage or pregnancy loss

I had a miscarriage. Even now, almost two decades later, I feel funny sharing this very personal thing. My husband and I had tried for almost a year for our first baby, and we were so excited anticipating the birth of our child. I had an initial ultrasound and everything looked good. I even purchased a soft yellow teddy bear…

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grieving process

Grief is universal, and we have all felt its effects in some way or another. Overwhelming sadness, anger, and regret are just a few emotions we may have when experiencing a loss. Grief affects our physical bodies, our emotions and inner spiritual life in profound ways. The loss of a loved one, the loss of a job, the onset of a sudden…

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children's mental health

There’s a lot of talk about the stress and uncertainty our children are facing these days. Will school open on time? Will there be in person classes, online or a hybrid option? Will there be school sports? When will interactions feel “normal” again? It’s hard to answer any of these questions, so it’s important to educate ourselves on the best way…

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