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parenting tips

Life as a new mom can be filled with many challenges and blessings. Trying to keep everything straight while running on little sleep can easily leave you feeling frazzled. Please know that you are not alone — every mom has been where you are right now. After chatting with many women about their past struggles as young mothers, I created…

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adoption information

When a woman or couple finds out they are unexpectedly pregnant, adoption is one of the options they may consider. At Life’s Choices, we are not an adoption agency, but we have lots of valid information to offer a woman when she considers if adoption is the right choice for her. Adoption is a complicated, difficult and wonderful choice for…

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school options during covid-19

There’s no lack of confusion when it comes to what education looks like this fall with COVID-19 restrictions. Parents need to evaluate what’s best for their family, schools need to plan for any scenario under the sun and pleasing everyone is an impossible task. We contacted local education consultant, Marci Howell of Marci Howell Educational Services for an inside look at school…

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questions about raising children

While many of Life’s Choices services focus on pregnant clients (from tests and ultrasounds to prenatal and childbirth classes), our parenting classes are also a popular choice for clients. Whether clients are expecting a baby or seeking guidance in various parenting stages, we cover a variety of topics! It’s been our true pleasure to work with many parenting clients every…

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