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friend facing unplanned pregnancy

GUEST BLOG: Align Pregnancy Center When a close friend tells you they have accidentally become pregnant, you may want to offer them support, but you may not know exactly what that support should entail. After all, learning that you’re pregnant can be extremely overwhelming; what can you say to comfort someone in that situation?  Ultimately, the most important thing you…

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pregnancy resource center

There are lots of articles and many discussions on what pregnancy resource centers (PRCs) do and what they say they provide versus what they actually offer women facing a pregnancy decision. At Life’s Choices, our goal is to be transparent and honest while offering practical help and support to women and their partners in difficult situations. Here are a few…

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crisis pregnancy center

The phrase “crisis pregnancy center” may not be familiar to some. To help the local community understand our mission and purpose, here’s a little background about who we are and what we do. WHO IS LIFE’S CHOICES? Life’s Choices began in 1986 as the Crisis Pregnancy Center of Kutztown located in a small college town in Berks County, Pennsylvania. Like…

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abortion healing

“I just felt put at ease realizing I’m not in this alone. I can’t express how much relief I felt to finally have it out in the open.” – Phyllis, Surrendering the Secret participant If you’ve ever suffered from abortion regret, you’re not alone. Many women have experienced pain or regret after choosing to have an abortion. But there is…

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At Life’s Choices, we are often asked where we, as a pregnancy center, stand on the pro-life/pro-choice issue. To help you understand Life’s Choices heart and mission a little bit better, here are answers to a few common questions. Is Life’s Choices pro-life or pro-choice? While we are very clearly a life-affirming organization, we are not political activists. In fact,…

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life's choices celebrates 35 years

A realtor, a minister and a housewife walk into a room … sounds like the beginning of a joke, but actually it’s the beginning of what is now Life’s Choices! These three people were part of the original steering committee who had the vision to start a pregnancy center in Kutztown, Pennsylvania in 1986. This year as Life Choices celebrates…

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