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When I had an infant and a toddler, we moved to the mountains and were a good hour away from most of our family (with some members, a full day’s drive away). When our first Christmas away from family rolled around, we found ourselves facing new choices about how best to survive Christmas. If you are wondering how to manage…

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life with your partner in the newborn stage

For most couples, bringing home a baby is a greatly anticipated event. They host gender reveal parties with family and friends and gather for baby showers. They prepare the nursery, setting up the crib and changing station and stocking it with impossibly small diapers and onesies. They take childbirth classes and come up with a birthing plan for the hospital.…

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transitioning to motherhood

When preparing for motherhood, there can be a variety of emotions. Whether you’re excited or scared (or both!), it’s hard to know exactly what it will be like when the time comes. Being a mother is a beautiful experience, but like any new stage of life, it can be a major adjustment for many. With an abundance of books and…

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