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in person pregnancy services

“I wanted to be with someone when I took the test.” Scared and alone, a young woman explained why she came to our office for a pregnancy test instead of taking one at home. She wanted to be in the comforting presence of another person to help her face whatever was ahead. As if a pregnancy test isn’t scary enough,…

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adoption a loving choice

On a chilly January day several years ago, ironically on the day that many churches celebrate the Sanctity of Life, a beautiful baby girl was born. We can only imagine the difficult circumstances this baby’s mother was facing. Was she a teenager who wasn’t ready to be a mom? Or an older woman who already had many mouths to feed?…

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pregnant and scared

If you’re in the midst of an unplanned pregnancy, it’s possible the thought of birthing and parenting a child initiates fear or resistance. Maybe you’re thinking, “There’s no way I can have this baby.” And in many ways your fears are valid – being a mother can be challenging. If it’s your first child especially, the transition to motherhood is…

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