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pregnancy body changes

Pregnancy can be exciting, but some moms find it overwhelming. Others may find it a little scary. And, if we’re honest, most pregnant mamas feel a combination of all three. In addition to emotional changes during pregnancy, moms can experience a variety of body changes as well. Most babies spend 280 days in the womb before birth, and this time…

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fetal development

The growth of a baby in utero takes on average 280 days from the first day of a woman’s last menstrual period (LMP). Although pregnancy takes less than a year in a mother’s life, amazing changes take place for the baby in that time frame. Thanks to modern technology, we know lots more about what’s happening inside mom at each…

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health appointment

At Life’s Choices, we love seeing new clients at both our Kutztown and Hamburg, Pennsylvania locations, be it for pregnancy tests, STD testing or educational classes. We know it can feel intimidating to walk through the doors for a first time. Can we set your mind at ease by letting you know what to expect? A FRIENDLY FACE All of…

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