In-Person Pregnancy Services: Life’s Choices is Here For You

In-Person Pregnancy Services: Life’s Choices is Here For You

“I wanted to be with someone when I took the test.”

Scared and alone, a young woman explained why she came to our office for a pregnancy test instead of taking one at home. She wanted to be in the comforting presence of another person to help her face whatever was ahead.

As if a pregnancy test isn’t scary enough, imagine going through an at-home abortion completely alone.


Last December the FDA approved the use of the abortion pill, (mifepristone/misoprostol) through telehealth appointments, which allows the medication to be dispersed by prescription without an in-person doctor’s visit.

This change brings even more value to the in-person services provided by Life’s Choices. Pregnancy confirmation by ultrasound, which we provide free of charge, will become more essential than ever, as not every doctor requires it with a telehealth abortion.


The practical reasons for requiring an ultrasound before an abortion are to determine the gestational age and to check that the pregnancy is viable and in the uterus. Without this confirmation, the woman could potentially undergo the cost, emotional trauma, and unnecessary procedure of an elective abortion when there was, in fact, no live fetus. Additionally, if the fertilized egg was not implanted in the uterus (ectopic pregnancy) an abortion would not remove the embryo and a potentially life-threatening condition would not be detected.

No woman should have to potentially make such a life-altering decision like having an abortion completely alone, in the absence of another human being. Our goal is to offer each client an ultrasound to first confirm the pregnancy and then provide factual information about fetal development and abortion procedures so that she can make an informed decision. More importantly, she is assured the compassionate presence of another person to confide in while she considers all her options.

It is our goal to be a safe place. If you’re facing an abortion decision and are looking for more information and a listening ear, we are here for you. Contact Life’s Choices today to schedule a free confirmation ultrasound or to learn more about your options:

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